Web Directory Affiliates

Affiliate Program

Earn up to 50% commission on all affiliated sales. Refer your visitors to a web directory with a difference. Easy to setup and commissions are paid through PayPal.

Also, you can earn 10% commission from the referers that sign up for an affiliate account. They earn money, and once paid, 10% of their earnings will be received by you. And it doesn't stop there. The referers, referer will also receive the bonus commission and so on and so on and so on.

Let's try and work this out, for example, if you sign up 100 affiliates and each of them referer three sales per month at $19.95 each. Then you would earn between $150 and $300 and each of them sign up another 100 you'll easy reach 1,000 dollar mark per month.

Affiliate 1
Makes $500 through sales
Affiliate 2
Makes $50 through affiliate 1 + makes $100 through sales
Affiliate 3
Makes $15 through affiliate 2
Affiliate 500